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How Much Does That Leak REALLY Cost?


That annoying, consistent, never-ending dripping sound is something that all homeowners know too well. According to recent data, it can cost you a lot more than just your sanity and peace of mind. Leaks in your home could cost you as much $100 a year or even more if you let them go. Drain King has seen a lot of clients over the years complaining about high bills, and not paying enough attention to getting small fixes out of the way immediately.

Leaks cost a lot of money

According to recent estimates by a government agency, homes with a leak can spend $100 per year just for the privilege of dripping excess water down the drain. Sound like a waste? It is! We recently learned that the average household could save up to 10% on their monthly water bill just by getting a trained professional to come fix a few things.

Leaks hurt more than the customer

Fresh water is our most precious natural resource. Even though our planet is covered in water, very little of it is actually usable for us. We need to do everything we and to conserve and respect this precious resource. A leak in the average household could cost up to 10,000 gallons per year depending on the severity! That’s like wasting a small swimming pool or nearly 300 loads of laundry each year for nothing.

Get pros to take care of the problem

Leaks could be due to aging infrastructure, increased water pressure, frozen pipes, or any number of other issues. Only a trained eye can really get to the bottom of the issue. We might need to just turn a few wrenches, or we might have to make some serious repairs. The only way to know is to get an experienced plumbing professional on the job immediately.

Drain King is the Surrey area’s most trusted plumbing and drain expert, and we can help save you money each month on your bills in no time. You might not think that leak is costing you much, but in reality it’s wasting a lot of money and a lot of fresh water. Don’t wait any longer!

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