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3 Plumbing Tricks You Can Start Doing This Weekend


In and around Surrey, BC, there are plenty of people looking to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, and DIY some of their plumbing issues. For the heavy lifting, you should always go with a professional, because there are just certain things you can’t do without training and certification. But these 3 plumbing tricks are simple enough that you could start doing them this weekend, and improve the status of your home’s plumbing. Just follow our expert advice and you’ll be on your way.

Choose plastic over metal

Metal is extremely durable and looks strong and sturdy, so it must be better for your pipes, right? Wrong – at least when it comes to sinks and the like. Plastic piping is much easier to install, a lot cheaper, and doesn’t corrode. If there are any issues, they are also much easier to adjust. If you’ve got a leak and a bit of know-how, then consider replacing with plastic rather than fixing up the metal. Contact the professionals for more information or bigger jobs.

Try a wet-vac instead of a snake

When there’s a major clog, a lot of homeowners panic and pay for a snake. Sometimes there is no other choice, but you’d be smart to try a wet-vac before shelling out money for chemicals or heavy duty clog removers. If you’ve got a wet vac, then try to suck the clog out (works great with hair if it isn’t too deep!). Call us for best results!

Choose caulk, not putty

The name plumber’s putty throws a lot of do-it-yourself-ers off. If it says plumbing, then it must be the best option for plumbers, right? Not necessarily. Silicone caulk works just as well if not better, and it won’t dry out, crack, and leak. Not to mention that putty often stains certain surfaces and creates more problems as the years go by. Use caulk for tile lining around major fixtures, shower trim, and in the kitchen sink.

If you’re in Surrey, BC and have plumbing issues, you might be able to get by with these plumbing tips. Remember, if the job is big or difficult, don’t go it alone. For all your plumbing needs, call the professionals at Drain King EPS.

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